Texturepacker-Gui v3.0.0

Jun 5, 2012 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Desktop applications, LibGDX TexturePacker Gui

The new UI

I spent some time to improve and update one of my oldest tool, the texturepacker-gui dedicated to LibGDX.

Remember, I just made the GUI of this application. The nice packing algorithm was done by the almighty Nate from the GDX team :) Send him kisses, booze and crack to support his job.

This new version brings a new UI, which should be easier to use. It also offers all the latest options of the libgdx TexturePacker class, like defaultFileFormat (PNG, JPEG), imageQuality or ignoreBlankImages.

The application is available here, and its sources are also included in the libgdx repository. We still haven’t decided if it should be part of the libgdx SDK zip file, but you’ll be soon able to download it from the libgdx one way or another.

Note on command-line usage

The application can be used silently from the command line, in order to include it in build workflows. However, I changed the syntax of the parameters since last revision, so it may be a good idea to check the new parameters if you’re using it like this.

Future releases

For the future releases, I’m thinking about adding some support to packing multiple projects at once, so all the packs of a game could be managed directly. I may add a tabbed panel in the place of the “Project Configuration” panel to provide the two configurations: single project or multiple projects.

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  • nice job, eager to try it out.
    and thank you for all your efforts

  • Thanks bro! Those are very good (and needed) enhancements

  • i cannot run this application in my mac, i am using osx version 10.10 (yosemite)

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