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Feb 20, 2012 by     7 Comments    Posted under: Libraries, Universal CSS Engine

Hello !

A few days ago, I quickly designed a library to let me use CSS stylesheets to skin the UI of the Physics Body Editor. As often, I ended up taking a few more days than expected to make a fully flexible and open-source library out of it.

The library is independent from any UI technology, but I made a special package with full Swing support. This package features common swing rules (foreground, background, enabled, visible, etc), as well as useful functions to create borders and gradients (lineargradient, lineborder, matteborder, etc). I also provide some custom components I made to fully use the power of CSS, like  a custom button using any Paint object (color, gradient, etc.) as background, customizable rounded corners, and much more.

To download the library, or learn more about the engine (like how to include your own custom rules and functions), see the project page:

>> Quick link:  try demo playground 

Here are some screenshots of the provided Swing playground:

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