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Hello everyone. I’ve been quite busy on my spare time these last weeks, because I really wanted to polish my new application: the Universal Tween Studio.

This new tool lets you easily create very complex and polished animations for your logos, titles, menus or even character animations. Insert keyframes, move them, delete them… all you need to do is to use your mouse!

This is not a standalone tool. The edition window is launched from your own game, and the two will then communicate to load, edit, save and close the animations. Of course, the interesting point is that commenting only one line is sufficient to set the game in play mode. Moreover, if you run it in play mode, the library will be as light as you may imagine, and won’t allocate anything, so there is no extra overhead at all if you use the library !

Of course, you may have guessed, the underlying animation engine is the Universal Tween Engine :)

Want to try it?

Required downloads:

Optional downloads:

  • libgdx-backend – The already made Editor implementations for LibGDX (modify it to support any other framework).
  • tween-studio-api-play-only — The lightweight version of the library with play mode only. Replace the complete lib with this one in your android targets.
  • tween-studio-demo — A complete executable demo (with source) of the library.

How to use it

I would only suggest you to download the demo zip file and to have a look at the source code. It’s very simple to configure and spawn the Studio: preload your animation files, register your Editor implementation and your target objects, and that’s all.

About using the edition window itself, I’ll release a user manual, but for now, I would only suggest you to play with it :)

You’re not using libGDX ?

The Tween Studio is as universal as the Tween Engine, so it can be configurated to work with any object of any framework, like the Tween Engine. Everything is based around the Editor abstract class. You need to provide an implementation of this class so the Studio can understand what are the different animatable properties of your objects.

Have a look at the provided libgdx backend. It is made of two important files:

  • a minimal implementation of the Editor class. Only registers the animatable properties, but it is sufficient to use the Studio.
  • a complex implementation of the Editor class. Lets you interact with your objects directly in the game screen, by dragging them for instance. It also displays an overlay.

I need something from you :)

Well, since it’s a beta release, it is very important for me that you report every bug you may encounter, and every suggestion you may have. Thanks a lot, and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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  • Hi, I tested the demo and looks really nice but I don’t understand why it isn’t a standalone tool, I was expecting (similar to your other tools) some application where I could create the animations declarations and then export it to a JSON or something like that and then to import it in my game, if I use tween-engine then maybe I could use a provided loader, but in other case, at least gives the freedom to use another framework (or no framework at all) if the user wants by creating a custom loader for example. I believe that making the game/app depend on the tween animation studio isn’t right.

    • How could it be a standalone tool ? :)

      It’s made to work with any property of any framework, using any rendering engine (ie. to support everything the tween engine can support). If you make it standalone, it will have to be bound to a framework, like libgdx, else it won’t know how to load and initialize your game assets. But more than that, it will have to know what are your TweenAccessors, to animate your stuff, and thus would loose the “universal” part of its title.

      In its current state, you can use it to animate a Sprite, an AtlasSprite, an Actor, a complex 3D Mesh or even a complex combination of all this stuff. By making it standalone, I wouldn’t be able to provide support for every possibility.

      Actually, I can’t create a universal standalone studio, but anyone can create a studio dedicated to its game. Just create a new libgdx project, initialize your assets in create() and render them in render(), and configure/spawn the studio in create(), that’s all. It should be less than 100 lines long and will provide you an executable jar dedicated to an animation. using it this way, your game won’t be bound to the studio nor to the tween engine. You’ll just have a txt file containing the animation data. Look at them, their syntax is really trivial (target name, tweenaccessor target, tween type, start time, duration, easing, targets…) and you should be able to load them with your own framework ;)

  • Great!!!! Tonight i will test it
    Great work!
    I think the idea of integrate the tool in the project is good, because you already have all the assets loaded.
    When i tested the prev version of the tool, i had that problem to load the assets.

    Regards, Tom.

  • Hi Aurelien,

    great work, again. Thanks for all your efforts to make this possible. Here is my small bug report. It doesn’t work correctly under Linux (tested unter Gentoo 64 bit (my favourite Android dev system ). Just the GUI is presented. No assets are loaded. It looks like under Windows when the user pressed the next button too often right away from the start under Linux.

    Best Regards

    • Thanks for the report. I need to do some major changes to the tool so I’ll test it more in linux environment next time. I’m not happy with this tool for now so I didnot release it officially yet.

  • Hi Aurelien.

    Thanks for all tools you make free for us… Would be great if you make a tutorial how to run Tween animations on android projects.
    Thank you again for this great work !

  • Hey

    I haven’t actually tried this yet but I’m interested to know a few things. If I wanted to use this or “GDX-Setup-Ui” would I need to do anything in order to sell a commercial game, e.g. put a logo on a splash screen.

    Everything is looking really cool!


    • Hello,

      Everything I contribute as open-source is free to use and doesn’t require anything from you. However, a comment or message on the forum to tell me if that helped you and if you’re happy with what I did is always appreciated :)

      If I ever release something with some limitations or a price, I’ll make sure it is clearly stated and not ambiguous.

      Good luck with your project!

  • Hi,
    I have trouble downloading Tween Studio /The dropbox link is broken – 404/

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