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I’m currently working on a utility I always wanted to complete: the Universal Tween Studio.

This tool will come as a jar library to insert into any of your java projects (being either Android, Kindle or desktop games, GUIs or even scientific tools). It will let you edit your animations (made using the Universal Tween Engine)  with a visual editor. You will be able to either edit the animation and save the result to a file, or directly play the file. This way, only a single line of code will have to change in your projects to switch from the edition mode to the play mode.

Of course, the library will come in two versions: one to use during the development of your projects, and an other one to use when you release the project. The second one will only contain the “play mode”, without the visual editor, so your projects can remain lightweights.

The editor interface is directly inspired of the Microsoft Expression Blend timeline, since I used to love this tool when I developed in C #/WPF.

Since it’s universal, like the Tween Engine, users will have to implement something to let the studio know what are the editable properties of the tweenable objects, and how to name it. Have a look at the image: the studio knows that my logos have 4 animatable properties: “position”, “rotation”, “opacity” and “scale”.

I still need to think about it, but the Tween Studio may come with different licenses. It will be free in its limited edition (I may limit it either in the number of Tweenable objects used in an animation, or in the maximum length of an animation), and may come with a paid license for commercial projects. Such license would grant access to the source code also. Please tell me what is your opinion, I’m really unsure about all of this.

Anyway, stay tuned!

NB: I’m still working on the Level Editor too, but I sometimes need to switch from a project to another to avoid getting bored ;-)

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  • Hi,

    great thing, I’m sure a lot of us needed something like this for quick trial-and-error prototyping.


    • Thanks :)
      It still needs a bit more testing to be ready for release, but I’ll start an open-beta soon enough ;)

  • You’re awesome!!! i wait anxiously the release!!!

    Regards! Tom.

    • Thanks !
      Before releasing this tool, I made a very important update to the Tween Engine: everything was changed.
      Therefore, I first need to release this new version, then to update the Tween Studio, and it will be released too :)

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