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Hello !

I’m currently working real hard on a new tool: the Physics Level Editor. It will be a universal 2d level editor with support for physics engines like Box2D, Chipmunck or Farseer. Of course, it works in combination with the Box2D Editor (soon renamed in Physics Body Editor).

The levels are saved in a platform/framework independent way, and I’ll write a complete loader for LibGDX.

There are a lot of things planned that do not appear on this screen, like the creation of joints, etc.

Direct in-game test of the level will be achieved through a button to launch the game with the level file as argument, as well as other parameters. Of course, it implies that the user write a simple command-line params check in his game.

No ETA but shouldn’t be too long. However, I’m really polishing this one, and it will need a deep beta testing before release.

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  • looks great, really looking forward to see it in action

  • Sign me up as a beta tester :) Really looking forward to this.

  • Cheers this will be a great tool to have, id like to give it a go.

  • Cool az really looking foward to this.

    just have a few questions.

    will this editor have the ability to the place objects within editor and set their ID’s?

    a simple layer system?

    what about snap to grid?

    how will it save files, text,xml or binary? “I prefer binary its much quicker”.

    sorry for the questions,but it would be helpful if this editor had these features.
    Thanks for the tools they really are a time saver.

    • this looks good can’t wait to use with libgdx.

    • To answer your questions:

      - Every object will feature a name and some meta-data, so you can retrieve them in your code,
      - Layers are already implemented, look at the tree on the right panel :) They will support parallax.
      - Grid and snap-to-grid will be available
      - Saves will be done either as binary or JSON (or XMl, haven’t decided yet)

  • Great, this would help alot.

  • Wow ! Great Works…

  • [...] a lot when I start creating levels, so that was another tool I wanted to get familiar with. His Physics Level Editor is still under development, so I hacked together a hard-coded level format that specifies the [...]

  • Seems great…

  • We are looking for a level editor for box2d can you please contact me I have no way to contact you anywhere ..Thanks Roberto

  • Since this is a general physics map editor, please do add in texturizable polygon creation for quick, unique maps.

    • Of course, custom polygons with repeated textures will be available. I generally use that to create my terrain, and then place some sprites as stamp behind and above the terrain to create nice scenery. Typical use, but still nice :D

      I think I’ll also include a way to generate terrain based on a text file. Therefore, if you need to automatically generate terrain, you will only need to generate a text file (using your own tools), and the level editor will do the rest for you.

  • found your blog and you wrote really nice tools…good job. wanted to ask you, what is the status of this one (level editor). i would love to see it. is there any release date (plus minus)? anyway, nice work you’ve done

  • Hi

    This looks very promissing. Any chance to get some information about your progress with it?

    Best regards

    • Hello,

      The level editor has been paused for some time, as well as the body editor, but I’m now working on them again! I needed to improve the tween engine to manage their animation system, and create the css engine to ease the burden of designing their UI. Now that all of this is working, they are active again!

      Note however that I need to write an IEEE article with a deadline on 2 april, so I may be really busy by my day job during the next weeks…

      I’ll be sure to give updates by twitter on any progress I make though!

  • It looks promising. I’m in for being a beta tester.

  • A very interesting tool, I like to be part of the beta testing.

  • Oooooh, I need this in a bad way. I’ve been using Gleed2D and manually positioning textures — I’m about to get carpal tunnel. Please let me know, I would be thrilled to test out an early cut.

    • I’ll let you all know when I’ll have something to show (at least an alpha). The progress I made on the Body Editor will let me create this level editor faster than I though. However, I first need to complete the Body Editor, since it will be used by the Level Editor.

  • Do you have a timeline? Would be happy to become a beta-tester.

    • No timeline, but it’s the next tool I’ll be working on after the 3.0 update of the Body Editor. I’ll be sure to release frequent alphas/betas ;)

  • is there any further progress or is this project dead?

    • Not dead, not at all. It even evolved a lot since this news. However, I want to complete the next major update of the Body Editor before going back to the development of this one. Indeed, it depends on it to create physics objects.

      I’m currently finishing my thesis, writing it all day long. Until the end of september, I’ll be very busy. Once done, I’ll be full-time on these tools again. Stay tuned.

      • take your time

  • Is this dead project or not, because i am going to make game using libgdx and i kinda want to wait for this, but i dont know?

    • It will never be a dead project, but I won’t be able to work on it soon (that’s the issue of supporting many projects at once). However, there is now a support for GLEED2D in libgdx, look at this thread, it may interest you ;)

      • GLEED2D is not supported anymore :(.

        So I’d be glad that you release your tool soon !

      • is there any other editor like this?
        Gleed 2d is not supported any more

  • Would LOVE to see this come out.

  • I am very much in need of this tool, please give us something we can download and use soon. I will test if you need testers. Something like this for 3d would be kew too since libGDX is getting more complete 3d features.

  • waiting for it

  • wow wth!? another superb tool? damn your genius!

  • hi :D
    i was thinking for a while to create an editor just like u are doing but i didnt know how to do it :D
    i m so happy u are here :DDD
    waiting for ur release :DDD
    tyvm for other tools too

  • It’s been so long since we’ve heard from you. Can you release the source to this level editor so others can finish it/use it? It’s such a shame to let all of your hard work go to waste!!!! Come back to us!

  • Just amazing, though it has been a while now, since this post was submitted.

  • Hi there we are WAITING ….

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