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There it is!

I was tired of the slowness of the free blog hosting While I enjoy the wordpress engine, the free hosting is extremely limited in terms of functionality and available themes. Moreover, I always need to tweak the php and css files of everything so it looks like I want it to look. So I bought, yeah. Talk about a narcissistic person :-)

However, I prefer things to be that way. Indeed, I am now able to emphasize my work, and it will be easier for people to navigate in the blog. Moreover, I can use the whole wordpress template to build the rest of the site, like the Portfolio.

I wanted a blog which does not looks like every other blog, with posts presented one on top of the others. Hope you’ll enjoy the new design :-)

Note: I lost a few (4) comments during the transfert, so don’t be angry if you can’t find them, I don’t deleted them.

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  • Looks good! I like it! :)

  • Nice presentation, better look and feel than traditional wordpress blogs. Keep updating it with your works, I’d give all that stuff a try soon enough ;)

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